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This blog is written by an author who never saw himself as a blogger, writer, or even as someone who would consider writing. As a engineer by degree, pilot by trade, and Renaissance man at heart, this blog is an attempt to express the thoughts and experiences of a man attempting to live obedient to the Gospel of Christ.

Living in a world that does not understand us and surrounded by churches that are isolated from the world, we stand a middle ground, labeled as rebels. Why rebels? Because we seek to love the lost and bring them the Gospel by living it out among them, while simultaneously living in obedience to the Scriptures and seeking lives of purity and holiness. It is a paradox that the world finds unbelievable and some in the church have forgotten how to understand. Thus, we stand in the middle, the rebels, seeking to live and teach our message of hope, not among the righteous, but among those in greatest need of healing.


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